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Noah Feldman
Noah Feldman is a singer/songwriter and performer who hails from Southeastern Connecticut. He has been writing and performing for over a decade, and has grown into an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, and a number of other stringed instruments, as well as developing a unique vocal style that leans heavily into old-school soul in the vein of Wilson Pickett and Sam & Dave, balanced with a more sensitive, almost conversational approach. 

Feldman has played in a number of bands, including the original lineup of No Mind, before starting school at Western Connecticut State University as a Bachelor's of Music student with emphasis in Audio & Music Production and classical voice. He currently is involved in a number of projects, including a lasting collaboration with WCSU alum Brendan James Fox, a role as regular keyboardist for New London area band Fleet (whose debut album he produced and contributed a variety of instruments to), and regular appearances at Strange Brew Pub in a variety of house bands, Album Tribute Night shows, and many other roles. He can frequently be found performing solo acoustic shows that combine a unique brand of covers with original music and instrumental improvisations. In anticipation of his upcoming debut record, he will be booking shows throughout New England and New York, in solo and band formats, beginning in mid-summer of 2018.