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Honor List

Poets Who Have Read at The Arts Café


Over the years, The Arts Café has presented many of the most honored and distinguished poets in the land.  They have included 10 winners of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, 8 of the National Book Award, 9 of the National Book Critics Circle Award, 5 MacArthur “Genius” Award-winners, and 5 Poets Laureate of the United States -- to cite some of their many honors.  Here is the complete list of poets and writers we have featured.

Ekiwah Adler-Belendez
Meena Alexander
Dick Allen*
Doug Anderson
Coleman Barks
Regina Barrecca
Jill Bialosky
Frank Bidart
Richard Blanco
Amy Bloom
Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Blanche McCrary Boyd
Stephan Burt
John Canady
Tom Chandler
Charles Coe
Billy Collins
Leo Connellan
C.S.E. Cooney
Robert Cording
Cortney Davis
Carl Dennis
Xue Di
Stephen Dobyns
Daniel Donaghy
Mark Doty
Sean Thomas Dougherty
Denise Duhamel
Stephen Dunn
Martin Espada
Resurreccion Espinoza
Nick Flynn
Margaret Gibson
Aracelis Girmay
Jose Gonzalez
Sarah Gorham
Jorie Graham
Eammon Grennan
Marilyn Hacker
Donald Hall*
Joy Harjo
Michael Harper
Jeffrey Harrison
Charles Hartman
Edward Hirsch
Tony Hoagland
Marie Howe
Major Jackson
Gray Jacobik
Erica Jong
Maurice Kenny
Wally Lamb

Sydney Lea
Mike Lee
Philip Levine*
Ada Limon
Thomas Lux
Taylor Mali
Cleopatra Mathis
J.D. McClatchy*
Wesley McNair
Rennie McQuilkin
Betty Medsger
John Hanson Mitchell
Aja Monet
Eileen Myles
James Nave
Marilyn Nelson
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Pamela Nomura
Sharon Olds
Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Carla Panciera
Gwendolyn Parker
Norah Pollard
Katha Pollitt
Bessie Reyna
Kate Rushin
Chivas Sandage
Philip Schultz
Jeff Skinner
Tim Seibles
Vijay Seshadri
Brenda Shaughnessy
Charles Simic
Patricia Smith
Tracy K. Smith
Joshua Sobol
Lisa Starr
Gerald Stern
Steve Straight
Lee Stringer
Drew Hayden Taylor
Sue Ellen Thompson
Edwina Trentham
Brian Turner
Ellen Bryant Voigt
Ocean Vuong
Agnes Walsh
C.K. Williams*
Baron Wormser
C.D. Wright*


The Arts Café believes strongly in supporting recently established and emerging writers, poets, and musicians. If you are interested in reading or performing at The Arts Café, please contact Christie Max Williams at allynsally@sbcglobal.net or 860-912-2444.